Site hosting, and Domain registration, and analytics

This blog has been online for around a year now, and I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts, and experience. Earlier today the site was down, because I forgot to renew the hosting plan. I remembered to renew the domain name (, but the hosting plan slipped my mind.

So far I have no complaints related to namecheap’s  hosting or registration. Their website is slightly confusing, but they have been fair. I pay $30 for the registration, and $38 for the hosting. I could have gotten a .com for less but I like the .io (it helps me feel hip and trendy).

I have been using google analytics to track sessions, and usage over time. I suspect some of my CS friends would be irked to know I let google track them.



There are 4,693 sessions which is much higher then I expected. The average user looks at 1.2 pages per session, and spend a minute and 24 seconds.

I enjoy looking at the map, and thinking about all the countries that have visited my website.


The counties that have the most sessions are the US followed by Russia and China. states_country



Every state in the United States have visited my page. Kentucky (my home state) followed by California are the top 2 states.  stats_map_US



Below is a listing of the most mobile deices that have been on my page. Iphones lead this group by a massive margin.



The below data shows how many uses spend time ranges of time. I have a total of 4,693 sessions and 4,039 of those sessions are less then 10 seconds.stats_time


Google also understands acquisitions (How users got to my page). Most of my sessions are bots. Users that find my page (organically) through google search, spend an average of 6 and 21 seconds. These  356 are probably real people.


The google analytics tool are very complex and do many things. I don’t understand or use all of them, but this has been a brief overview of the google analytic tools I use.